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Welcome to the first of our versus series. Who’s the biggest, who’s the baddest, who’s the smashy-uppyest. Andy takes control of Vulkan He’stan and Ellis is the boss of the Trygon.

-In the purple corner we have a Trygon, a mean deep striking machine, weighing in at just over 200 points. Our trygon is tooled up with two sets of scything talons, a bio-electric pulse, toxin sacks and a bonded exoskeleton for a 3+ save.

-In the green corner, we have Forgefather Vulkan He’stan, noble Salamanders hero, weighing in at just under 200 points. Vulkan is armed with artificer armour and Kesare’s Mantle, giving him a 2+/3++ save, the Spear of Vulkan, that counts as a str 6 relic blade, The Gauntlet of the Forge that counts as a heavy flamer and digital weapons.

Which is better, there’s only one way to find out….FIGHT!!!

Turn One
The Trygon deployed via deep strike near to Vulkan scattering a little away.  Unleashing its bio-electric pulse it caused two wounds which Vulkan saved easily. The space marine hero fired his Gauntlet of the Forge but failed to wound the Trygon. He charged into the fray absorbing the overwatch fire and taking no damage. In a stunning round of combat Vulkan caused three wounds on the Trygon that went straight through its armour.  Ellis rolled exceptionally badly for the Trygon and only did two wounds on Vulkan, one of which he saved with his Mantle. Vulkan had won the combat but as the Trygon was fearless he stayed right where he was and didn’t need a break test.

Turn Two
With a herculean effort and with the help of his master crafted weapon Vulkan caused two more wounds on the Trygon, leaving it with only one wound left. The Trygon’s scything talon’s and toxin sacks functioned more effectively this time, giving Vulkan 4 wounds to save. He failed two of them stripping him of his last two wounds and leaving lying dead on the floor ready to be gobbled up by the heavily wounded Trygon.

Victory to the Trygon! Vulkan just didn’t have what it took to bring down the monstrous beast.

Trygon painted/assembled by Ellis
Vulkan He’stan converted by Pete and painted by Ellis
Battle report by Andy

Genestealer painted by Ellis


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